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100% USED. 90 Day Pledge with Remake.

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Can you do it? I am, I have, 4 years and counting....

Secondhand Sustainable Shopping- what started as an environmental stance four years ago has become my passion, my mission- my life's work. It is my way of life.

I hope you will join me in pledging to buying no new clothes for 90 days. You up for the challenge? I am partaking in a partnership with Remake as one of their global ambassadors to raise awareness of the social and environmental injustices of the fashion industry that are extremely destructive to the future of our planet.

The good news is that we have choice! We can use fashion for good simply by choosing differently! We can ‘have our cake and eat it too!’ For me- shopping secondhand is my cake of choice because there is so much GOOD to be had and, at the end of the day, it’s where I find the best stuff. Yes, it is still an environmental stance and a statement- but truly it’s where the best finds are hiding… that’s my secret.

Four years ago I challenged myself to buy only secondhand for one month- just to see if I could, just to see how 'deprived' I would feel. I wasn't exactly a 'thrifter' - I had no clue what I was about to discover about myself and the world. 

A funny thing happened. One month turned into two, three, and before I knew it I was closing out the year buying only secondhand. I loved my clothes more than ever. I even loved myself. I felt more confident in my clothes, more empowered to be doing good in the world, and entirely on purpose. 

Upcycling discards- restyling, repurposing, reusing however I can to extend the lifecycle of what another may consider to be trash- has come to be my hallmark. I can’t lie, I’m obsessed with used stuff. Old, discarded, unwanted, abandoned...

Re-home it, restyle, repurpose, reimagine, redesign- ReFashion. I believe everything, even our old over-worn clothing, deserves a second chance at life. 

Shown here wearing 100% USED J.Crew Tuxedo Vest from consignment store Kostüm in Oakland, CA. This gorgeous piece is another one of my top favorite secondhand finds. A tuxedo vest is timeless, I think we all can agree that this one will never ever go out of style. The tuxedo vest is a mix of gender identities and I for sure love an androgynous, unisex and even obviously borrowed-from-the-boys style.

What’s your style? I shared about this topic in my last post. I invite you to check it out. Personal style is just that- deeply personal. I encourage you to embrace that because it is a tool and it is our power. Let’s use it to the best of our ability.



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