100% USED: The Art and Alchemy of Style, No New Clothes Challenge (cont.)

Used clothing is sustainable fashion. It’s really good for the planet, and it happens to be gaining popularity as the ‘cool girl’s fashion’ too. In case you are not familiar with my work, I’m a sustainable fashion advocate, influencer, stylist, and an upcycled artist. I talk a lot about the intersection of style, sustainability and self-esteem both here and on my regularly scheduled Instagram LIVES.

Clothing is a very powerful too. I use clothing to empower and express myself, but it can not come at the expense of the environment. By shopping secondhand fashion, I literally wear my values because I believe it is still the best thing you can do for the planet.

Shopping secondhand started out as an environmental stance for me five years ago after watching the True Cost documentary. Shopping secondhand reduces waste, conserves resources, and keeps unwanted clothing out of landfill.

Shopping secondhand is basically reusing and repurposing someone else’s discards. And I happen to be obsessed with it. It’s like rooting for the underdog… and I feel it is the right thing to do. Repurposing is also what I consider creativity. Curating a look from odds and ends is like true sartorial alchemy.

Take a woman who walks into a thrift store- shops on pure instinct & personal aesthetic- no one standing over her shoulder, suggesting what to wear or buy- She walks out looking fabulous. That’s a woman with true style. To do that- you must have style!

The Fashion industry needs some ReFashioning right about now. We need to support the brands and businesses doing good. And we really need everyone to be on board because our planet needs healing.