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2020. New Energy. New Opportunities. Possibilities...

Myself with Ed and Lucé

I think I say this every January that I’ve been blogging (since 2012) - but it’s true. It’s hard to believe yet another year has passed. I’ve kept it no secret that 2019 was marked by steep highs and lows. So, it is needless to say that closing out the year has been bittersweet.

Although completely superficial, still the turning of a new year on the calendar marks a poignant time to start anew. To at least start some-thing new. It brings hope and it brings permission that, yes, every day is another chance at a fresh start. Every day is an opportunity to reinvent and refresh whatever and whomever it is that you have outgrown.

Everyone set their intentions for the new year? Yes, I am definitely an intentions person. Full disclosure, I like to take my time with this one- to the max. I might just take this whole month to really clear out what I no longer want in my life and mark a declaration of what I do want moving forward.

Thank you for the beautiful memory. ph by Carrilee Fox

One thing I do know for sure, for the first time ever I am starting the new year with the intention of sharing less. Anyone else feeling it too? And I am mainly speaking of sharing on my social channels. Social media is great- but I really love the people in my life and I want to focus my time and energy on seeing those I love and cherish in person- irl. Anyone else there too?

I do still love to share things that are important to me and that inspire me- and I still plan to. But there are two things coming up for me. It’s feeling more important to protect my personal space- not everyone in my ‘social’ circles need to know everything about my life. And also I’m feeling more of an urgency to share things that matter- my devotion to my advocacy work.

My role as an advocate for things that are deeply important to me, such as sustainability, art, fashion, women’s worth, and rescue dogs, will take up more space in this upcoming year (and on my social channels). I hate to come off as being any bit righteous, but it is always a fine line, like walking a tight rope of sorts, to sharing inspiration and education vs. being offensive and off-putting for having strong or polarizing opinions.

Maybe that’s just what this year is all about for me. Focusing on what’s ‘real.’ Focusing on things that really matter. More on this in my coming posts, such as my words of the year and future career plans.


 A few favorite quotes to wrap up 2019, and step into 2020.

“Everything is within you.” -Unknown

“When nothing is going right- something better is about to happen.” -Tonne Goodman 

"Shopping vintage is better for the environment, plain and simple." -Emily Farra, Vogue

Photography by Carrilee Fox Photography



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