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A Commissioned Mural: The Making of Lady Love

I love nothing more than taking your orders and making people happy with me art. Shown here is a time-lapse video of a custom mural for founder of The PLM Agency Beth Hommel in her new home in Phoenix, AZ. Enjoy!

It is a large part of my mission to get as much art & beauty into as many peoples homes & lives as I can. I hope you will choose to gift art to that special someone on your gift list this year! ReFashioned Art. More Style. Less waste. is 100% shop-able and all items are now available in multiple sizes and 6 different media types- photo paper, fine art paper, canvas, wood, metal & acrylic- plus a whole line of ReFashioned Art merchandise. All originals are made using repurposed materials.

I offer FREE shipping for all US orders and a special discount on your very first order! I hope you will check it (and don't forget to claim your discount code- use at checkout!)

My entire portfolio of 160 pieces of art is now live on my website:

Follow on Instagram where I share updates @iamlauramadden + @ReFashionedArt. EMAIL:

If you’re new here- ReFashion is the reinvention and re-imagination of our relationship to fashion and all material things; the act of using fashion for good, to make ourselves feel good and to do good for the planet. Our clothing is a tool. Let's use it to do good for all.

All pieces are originals, all for sale, all upcycled, made using repurposed materials.



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