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Arizona Family Channel 3 x Goodwill News Segment

This week brought another exciting opportunity to get on camera and share my work. Thank you to Arizona Family Channel 3 and Goodwill for inviting me on to show my work in honor of National Old Stuff Day.

I take every chance I can to get on camera and talk about my work and what is most important to me- my passion for combining style & sustainability. This is one of the major reasons I started ReFashioned Art- to demonstrate this & encourage you to look for beauty where it’s not normally found.

If you’d like to see more of the pieces I created for this segment celebrating National Old Stuff Day- all ReFashioned Art made using repurposed materials- head to @refashionedart my IG page dedicated to my artwork.

Creating treasures out of trash.

One of the best things you can do for the planet is to reuse items that already exist- this reduces waste, conserves resources & prevents items from unnecessarily going into landfill... I could go on & on for days about this. It truly is my passion. ❤️🌏♻️

Every bit counts and every step you can take has a ripple effect greater than you will ever know. Cheers!!A large part of why I started ReFashioned Art is to reduce waste and repurpose old stuff.

I also created three new pieces of art repurposing 'old stuff’ for the segment (shown here). Can you tell what items I used to make these pieces? Please respond to this email if you’d like to take a guess!

If you ever need an idea of how to repurpose an item- please don’t hesitate to reach out (simply respond to this email). I would love to help!

[Wearing a vintage dress from Goodwill]

Timelapse of the making of Gold Rush II



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