Au Revoir 2018- New Year, New World, New Me

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

When one door closes, another door opens. Despite how quickly time is moving, I am happy to welcome in a new chapter. I don’t often participate in the cliche ‘new year, new you’ song and dance, but this time it is perfectly fitting for where I am in my life. I let go of 2018 with so much gratitude and appreciation for my new home state, new home, new friends and the new experiences I’ve had.

This past year was most recognized by our move from California back to Arizona after being away for over 5 years. We bought a new home, renovated that home and, thankfully on schedule and pretty close to on-budget, moved into that home this past March. The first two months of the year were all about going with the flow, as we lived between three separate homes in that short time. We started off in our Scottsdale house, then two rentals as we awaited the completion of our new home. I am so glad we did it, but also so glad it is behind us. Renovations are not for the weak!

After relocating to Arizona, I found myself desperately in search of community- like-minded people that I could cultivate something bigger than myself with. For most of this year I have made it my job to find them, and I have. I have met so many great people here doing great things and I am excited for what the future holds.

For most of 2018 I have focused on settling into this new city and continuing to reinvent myself as an advocate for sustainable fashion and helping women empower themselves through their style. This time helped me bear witness to what truly feeds my soul, and how desperately I need to focus on being creative, with my writing, art, and fashion. I can no longer ignore the callings of what makes me feel alive and what makes me feel exhausted.

2018 helped me wake up to how much I enjoy working with clothes, talking about clothes, playing with clothes and shopping for clothes, most notably hunting for secondhand treasures (even more than I realized I had). I have started working with Goodwill AZ, Remake, AZ Eco Fashion Week, and AZ Sustainable Fashion to continue my advocacy work for what I consider fashion for a more sustainable future. I expect 2019 to be a growth spurt for these seeds I have planted, and I consider this work in complete alignment of my purpose.