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Baller Dream Foundation at my Art Show

The unexpected guests that completely made my whole weekend! In case you've been following along, I just wrapped my annual weekend Art Show, the Camelback Studio Tour. It just so happens that the ‘baller’ of all ballers Baller Dream Foundation founder Frank DeBlasi showed up at my Art show with a group of ‘ballers’, kids battling cancer who they support, and treats them to artwork of their choice.

THIS!! Watching these kids run around my show picking out the Artwork they would take home as their own was the most joy I’ve seen in one place in a long time. Watching their reactions to my art is why I make art. This is what dreams are made of- pure joy, passion and elevating others through Art.

Thank you for making my weekend, and all the good vibes you shared with us that day!! If you are on Instagram make sure you these kids and follwo their journey to recovery from cancer Nolan @nolanhynes, Gabbi @surabliss, and Alexa @c4arm3d_11 !

If you’d like to support @ballerdreamfoundation and their efforts to support kids, young adults and their families as they navigate a cancer diagnosis, more details can be found on their website [HERE]. They are doing amazing work to change lives. Cheers!

Nolan Hynes just purchased his very first home and I am so thrilled he now has very own artwork to hang in his own home. Nolan is also an aspiring real estate agenct and current works with The Noble Agency. Nolan is also still battling cancer. If you'd like to learn more about his [now] second battle with cancer and how you can support him, please check out his go fund me page [HERE].

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