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Can Secondhand Clothing Save the World?

Considering the environmental impact alone- the case for secondhand clothing is indisputable. 

Facts are facts.
- 1.5 trillion liters of water is used every year to produce fashion*
-13 million tons of textiles are thrown in landfill every year in the US alone. **

Secondhand’s not sounding so bad, now is it?

As far as I can fathom, secondhand is the most sustainable way to shop because of the enormous amounts of resources you are saving vs. buying brand new- water, energy, fuel, etc. 

There are plenty of perfectly good clothes that already exist on the planet.

It’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the ethical and environmental injustice in the fashion industry. Whether you love fashion or hate it. We all wear clothes. We all go out and buy clothes. We all choose what to put on our bodies, our chosen skin.

If we are all fashion decision makers, we can all be fashion change-makers. By just choosing differently we can have so much influence on how the fashion industry is managed and the direction it proceeds. 

Production will always follow demand. If we demand better- higher standards, ethics, environmental practices, transparency- eventually the decision makers will yield. Change is closer than we think. I believe it.

We can all be fashion change-makers. This is how I choose to do my part.

By sharing what I love, how I shop & how I live a stylish & sustainable life, I hope to impress upon you the value of shopping secondhand and taking a very critical eye to what you are taking home with you- and asking yourself 'Could I find this secondhand?'

Choose better. Buy less. Wear it more. Love it- for real. 

I take great pride and good care of the clothes I do choose to take home... my wardrobe has become like a private membership club with a very strict code of entry:

  • Do I need it?

  • Is this filling a void?

  • Do I love and cherish it?

  • Will I wear this for years to come?

  • How often will I really wear it?

  • With what that I already own will I wear it? 

  • Have I checked my closet for duplicates or substitutes?

This is just a sampling of the criteria I use to practice conscious consumerism. And honestly- aside from the environmental gains- I love the clothes I do own more than ever. 

I even feel more confident in my clothes because I know for sure they are the right clothes for me. I purchase with intention and purpose.

By sharing my perspective and experience, I hope to impress upon you the value of doing the same. It’s not that hard. It’s actually quite fun.

I hope to help you find value in these items that other people have disregarded as trash, and to challenge the stigma that secondhand fashion is in any way second-best...

This is where Fashion & consciousness collide...not only ‘can’ they go together, they ‘belong’ together.

Thank you Goodwill for making it easier & more beautiful than ever to be sustainable. I’ve kept it no secret that I believe secondhand shopping is the most sustainable shopping you can do. Not only do I believe in it, but I live it.

ReFashion is how I express the importance of rewriting & rewiring our relationship to fashion. And it’s how I’ve done it myself. 

This summer it will be 4 years since I 1st challenged myself to only shop secondhand. And I’m happy to report that I love my clothes more than ever and I feel more expressed & empowered in my clothes than ever before as well! 

Won’t you please join the movement...

Get involved. Become part of the sustainable fashion movement for a healthier, more sustainable fashion world. I believe that together we can change the face of fashion for good.

Shop wisely. Every purchase is a vote. Make yours count.

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