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Canvas Rebel feature

My latest media feature on Canvas Rebel is now LIVE. Thank you Canvas Rebel for the beautiful coverage of my work. It is such an honor to share more about my mission and my story of how I got to where I am today… it's been quite a twisty turny one.

In sharing what I've shared here, I am hoping to inspire many to go against the grain and follow their gut instincts. It's usually not easy and often not the popular route, but it will never lead you wrong.

Canvas Rebel asked me some of the hard questions that really made me stop and think, such as What’s the backstory behind how you came up with the idea for your business Unlearning lessons- Have you ever had to unlearn a lesson? + Describing a time I’ve had to pivot? (oh boy! that's about most of my adult life! lol!)

I hope you enjoy this feature, and as always I would love to hear from you. What was your biggest takeaway? Did hearing about my story help you in any way? I also always LOVE to hear your feedback, so please don't hesitate if there is something you'd like to share. [CLICK HERE]

*Cover Photo by Nylmar with Elevare Creative Studio.



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