Conscious Collective PopUp is Coming to PHX!

Featuring 6 local + sustainable + women-owned businesses

wearing Soulcare in Surplus messenger bag + vintage Betsey Johnson

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be taking part in the first ever Conscious Collective PopUp Shop from 9/16- 10/11, a beautiful & sustainable shopping experience including local art + fashion. This will also be the debut of my ReFashioned Art brand. The event is taking place at the WAYLA Studios event space (within the Modern Manor), in an extremely cool and art-centric area of Phoenix.

The Conscious Collective is the brainchild of Crystal Daniels, owner of Phoenix-based Designer Treasure Hunt, a designer resale business. Crystal has been planning and hosting popup shopping events for years now, but not quite like this- until now. Crystal had the vision of bringing together women who also shared similar values of shopping local, sustainable, and in a conscious manner. Within this group, the camaraderie and community runs strong, the competition low- not something you too often among a group of women.

The women of the Conscious Collective; photo by Golden Light Photography

The Conscious Collective is made up of six women-owned businesses who are sharing the space, including Designer Treasure Hunt, Soulcare in Surplus (shown above), Healing Seams, Tara Gamel Art, Vintage By Design, and ReFashioned Art (moi). I am inspired and delighted by each of them, their talent and the way they bring business to our community- local art, upscale designer and vintage resale and upcycled fashion.