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LIVE on Arizona Midday Channel 12 KPNX

Earth Day 2022 was one for the books! Two LIVE news segments, a photoshoot campaign, was named a Fab Eco Trendsetter by Fabulous Arizona, hosted an event, judged a fashion competition... a few other cool things were in the mix too... let's just say I am feeling the LOVE!

It's hard to put into words how good it feels to be embraced by my community for doing what I love. I also am so grateful (and thrilled) that I am being recognized and gaining a good amount of media attention for my focus on promoting style + sustainability and my Art brand ReFashioned Art.

The week started off with another LIVE news segment speaking about what I love- fashion, art + the power of circularity for Earth Day on @arizonamidday Channel 12 with the fabulous one & only host Destry Jetton!! So blessed to be doing what I love!

As soon as I have the video reel, I'll have it posted to my YouTube account, but for now, you can watch it here. It was SO MUCH FUN!

I also worked with Goodwill this year in support of their Earth Day campaign 'Are you wearing Goodwill.' If you'd like to see more from the campaign, please check out their Instagram @goodwillaz.

Wearing 100% used from Goodwill

One more thing- and I promise to share more in my next post! A huge thank you to @fabulousarizona + founder @cynthiasassi for being named a Fab Eco Trendsetter this year! I could not be more proud and do not take that recognition lightly. Wearing 💯used + proud of it too! Read the feature here.



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