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Ethical Fashion for Women with Purpose

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Ethical Fashion Brand & fellow Remake Global Ambassador SixChel

The Demi Halter Top by Sixchel

What you wear matters. What you wear can elevate you or bring you down; it can also impact the people around you and how they feel about you. But, what many people might not realize is that what you wear also says a lot about your values. Every purchase is a vote.

Back in 2016 I was introduced to San Francisco based nonprofit Remake. By 2018 I joined the Global Ambassador team representing Phoenix, AZ. I was also recently appointed to their Advisory Board, a position I am honored and humbled to hold. Remake works on a global scale and is at the forefront of creating a conscious consumer movement. To learn more about Remake, please check out their website, which also includes a list of brands that have earned their seal of approval, and follow them on Instagram where they share engaging and educational content daily.

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Part of my love of working with Remake is the company they keep- the community they have built consisting of advocates, experts and the global ambassador team, which includes women and men from all over the World. I was connected with fellow Global Ambassador Dina Chavez in Austin, TX. She is the founder of sustainable fashion brand Sixchel. As a result, I have had the pleasure of representing her brand as an ambassador and [shown here] modeling one of her signature designs.

“We are a fashion brand helping to make the lives of the modern woman easier. Using fabric of recycled and sustainable fibers, ethical practices from pre-production to post-production and empowering all women by celebrating their unique beauty, we are fashion with a purpose. We are chic style for the woman always on the go.” Dina Chavez, Sixchel founder & designer

Feels fun, flirty + free... as you can see here

If you’re a sustainable fashionista like me who is working your way towards a more minimal wardrobe, there's nothing like a sharp new top that can multitask, and be restyled a multitude of different ways to liven up the wardrobe you already own. So what’s a girl to do who’s in the market for a trendy new top? And your love for the planet is just as important as your eye for style? Not to fret- we have an American brand that checks all the boxes.

Sixchel was born from the commitment to respect and protect the planet and build a sustainable fashion brand that delivers on trend, yet timeless style to be worn for life. As a fashion brand, Sixchel demonstrates the philosophy that doing good can look as good as it feels. These are garments that are meant to be worn for real life- for work and play, for as many different occasions as you can imagine, and to be mixed and matched with the wardrobe you already own.

If you wear it, love it, take care of it, and plan to wear it for the long haul- this is sustainable fashion. Sixchel has good intentions to dispel the allure of the fast fashion throwaway culture that is still [believe it or not] somewhat de rigeur. Sustainable clothing can be cute, trendy and cool. Sixchel de-stigmatizes the myth that sustainable fashion is in any way drab, boring or unfashionable.

The attention to detail matters. Buy quality + craftsmanship

Shown here is the Demi halter top that can easily transition from summer to fall just by adding a third layer if you wish. This is truly a season-less, transitional piece that can be styled in many different ways.

Sustainable styling tip: the more ways you can style it, the more sustainable of a purchase it is. Doing more with less is the key for maximizing your wardrobe and decreasing the drain on the environment- no matter where you are buying from.

Shown here is the Demi Halter, available in sizes 2-12 and available in two fabric/color options.

1- hemp/organic cotton denim (dark grey) with Tencel (Plum) (shown here)

2- hemp/organic cotton denim (dark grey) with bamboo/organic cotton (Teal)

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Make sure you follow Sixchel on their website {here} and their instagram to stay up to date on their upcoming projects and new releases. One I’m watching for is their soon to be released line of up-cycled denim jackets, which will be made to order. Sounds like a perfect holiday gift for someone you love (or yourself!)


Hair + makeup by Salon Tavit

Shot at the Scottsdale Quarter



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