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Fabulous Arizona Fab Fashion Influencers 2021

Thank you to Fabulous Arizona for this great honor of being recognized as one of Arizona's Fab Fashion Influencers! In the truest sense of the word, it has been my mission to influence others for many years now. For the full feature, head to Fabulous Arizona.

What does being an influencer mean to me? To encourage & inspire you to make the most sustainable & ethically-minded choices you can for the greatest good of all.

My ‘influencer style’ might be a bit avant garde compared to the norm- but I do it my way, without concern if my values are popular or accepted, or not. In sharing what I share, I hope to leave this world better than before I came…

I hope you will check out the full feature to learn more about the additional influencers recognized- congratulations to the amazing beauties featured, some I personally admire, follow & know quite well @effortlessly.ebony@time.capsule.vintage@thesageaubrey - I hope you will follow them all, and be inspired by what they all share in their own special ways!

Sneak Peak at what you'll find. Written by Kyley Warren:

When it comes to sustainable fashion, no one is as well-versed in the topic (or a greater advocate, forthat matter) than Laura Madden. The model, stylist and blogger has garnered a reputation for being Arizona’s sustainable fashion “it girl”—often sharing recycling tips, working exclusively with conscious brands and proving through her boho vibe that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to be sustainable.



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