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Fashion Art Food: Stroll Biltmore Magazine | APRIL

Updated: May 21

My latest magazine feature is here! The April issue of Stroll Biltmore Magazine published a lovely piece about my recent collaboration with James Beard Award winning local celebrity chef Christopher Gross, the Chef Series. This new series of Artwork is bringing the idea of fashion for your walls to a whole other level. Enjoy a peak at the April issue of Stroll Biltmore Magazine [HERE]

Earlier this year, Chef Gross reached out about creating a ‘Chef Series’ of Artwork using his old chef coats from various fundraising events that he no longer had use for. Instead of simply throwing them away, he thought maybe I could reimagine them into a new series of my sculptural Artwork, which I first created two years ago using fabric remnants and plastics. I jumped at the chance (& challenge) of crafting transformative Artwork using a piece of history- innovative Artwork, while starving the landfill.

Follow Chef Gross on his Instagram @chef144wrigley

What a thrill it has been creating these pieces, reimagining old chef coats into my 3d sculptural artwork, that originated from a piece of Chef’s famed history. Stay tuned- you’ll see this body of work again soon, as they’ll be featured in multiple local publications. A custom piece, currently in progress, will be available on auction at Chef's annual fundraising event FLAVORS at the Wrigley Mansion this May 22nd, with proceeds funding the American Liver Foundation (ALF).

Cheers! For more on Chef Christopher Gross and his current masterpiece dining experience Christopher's at Wrigley Mansion:



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