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Fashion X Art Photoshoot @435 Collective

If you need me, I’ll be in the studio… I am proud to share photos from my latest ReFashioned Art brand photoshoot by Nicole Curtin at The 435 Collective, the newest chicest event space in the warehouse district of downtown Phoenix. Nicole captured me in my happy place, marrying Fashion + Art. I wore a repeat look from my own wardrobe, a vintage sequin dress, and under Nicole's direction, modeled two of my favorite pieces of artwork. (notice, my favorite color palette: black and white!)

I always try to keep my posts here uplifting, inspiring & light. I know things are greatly intensifying around the world (and have been for some time)- my wish for you is that you find it in yourself to stay in your joy. Do those things you know will lift you up and put a smile on your face. Our mindset about our circumstance is one of the most valuable things we actually do have control over. This is what keeps me in my joy- Fashion, Art, Upcycling, Collaborating, Playing.

I was recently interviewed for a magazine feature, and was asked how I thought Art was impacting the planet... Well, that is a lot to unpack, but for me, I believe that beauty heals- and Art is one of the main pieces of that puzzle. What we surround ourself with, our environment has a really big impact on our mental state- just like with our fashion choices. It can lift us up, or bring us down.

The more we surround ourselves with items we love and that we feel are beautiful, the greater chance our environment will elevate our moods. At least that has been my experience with it. This is also a big reason why I started making my own art in the first place. I knew how I wanted my home to look and feel, so I got going making that home feel like luxury with my very own hands.

Back to staying in your joy... creativity will always be healing. It will always uplift, get us out of our heads and into our bodies, which is a great place to be. To be present. Fashion x Art are my favorite things and I’m always searching for ways to combine the two. I would love your ideas and feedback. As an artist and creative being, I am always innovating, shifting and evolving. I would LOVE to hear your ideas if you are willing to share.

So what's that special thing for you- that no matter what, it gets you feeling good, optimistic about the future and uplifted and light? There are no wrong answers- which is another thing I love so much about being an artist. I am so grateful to have arrived here. Yet, the road may be long and the journey has just begin.

Thank you for being here and following along! If you know someone who would love my artwork, please share this with them!




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