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Featured in Iconic Life Magazine talking Fashion

Thank you Iconic Life Magazine for including me in your latest STYLE feature. Advocating for more conscious + sustainable fashion will always be a part of my mission to Create More Style. Less Waste in this world! This opportunity to report on style X sustainability for a local luxury publication like Iconic Life is a total dream project.

Follow @youriconiclife on Instagram for more (we’ve got so many exciting things planned for you, including their NET ZERO Home coming this Fall! Announcement coming soon!) Below I included a few words from Iconic Life.


Sustainable fashion can be easy! Just ask @iamlauramadden, an Arizona-based artist, influencer, fashionista and sustainability advocate. ⁠

If you've ever wondered how you can do more with less, invest in quality pieces and reduce textile waste, she walks us through how to take 5 staple wardrobe pieces from day to night. ⁠

"My greatest passion lies in helping people understand that the most sustainable wardrobe is actually the one you already own. Yes—the very garments that are already hanging in your closet- no matter where they came from. The longer you wear the wardrobe that you already possess the better you are doing for the environment." ⁠



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