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Featured Jaime's Local Love news segment

This is by far the highlight of my summer! Not only was I interviewed on Jaime Cerreta's Jaime's Local Love news segment, but Jaime came to my home studio to tour and film me. This was such a thrill- a ton of fun, but as with any TV segment, super challenging as well. This aired 8 times throughout the week of July 26th on Arizona's Family Channel 3.

Our segment filmed in my studio where I actually create my art collections and also in my home to show how my art is used to bring a fashionable edge to your walls and create more luxury at home. Jaime covered a whole range of my Art styles & collections from my studio to my home, including my collaboration with David E. Adler Fine Rugs to my acrylic blocks line.

Not sure how to express in words how grateful I am for this coverage of my work, really sharing the importance and drive behind the formation of this brand. This is the good stuff, and Jaime keeps it real! Thank you Jaime!




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