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Featured Stroll Magazine Biltmore

My latest feature!! Thank you to Stroll Magazine Biltmore for featuring my work and en extra special thank you to publisher Chrissy Snell for making me sound so good!

Here is a snippet of this fabulous feature:

Laura Madden is an artist, sustainable fashion advocate and lover of all things stylish, unusual and cool. If you scroll through her Instagrams @ReFashionedArt + @iamlaurmadden you will quickly observe that she lives a stylish lifestyle, but it is her mission to make sure it is not at the expense of the planet. She has transmuted that passion into the creation of her art business, ReFashioned Art, the merging of sustainability and style.

Refashioned Art is modern abstract art made using reclaimed materials to align with her mission of merging style and sustainability. Why she does art is dictated by her style and the directive of achieving a certain level of aesthetic. How she does art is driven by sustainability. Madden uses discards and found objects that would likely end up in landfill because she “can’t not do it. It is my mission to create as much beauty and style in the world while lowering my impact as much as I can. It doesn’t necessarily make my life easier but it feels really good to do good.”

clockwise from top left: Donovan Harris; Park Central; Renaissance Square; Ruby Farias Designs


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