Four years of shopping secondhand- Three tips to consider...

And the Nothing New November Challenge is upon us!

It’s been years now that I’ve been writing about the intersection of style, sustainability and self-esteem, three facts of modern life that are intimately connected- and I have deep regard for.

The more I learned about sustainability and how the fashion industry is effecting our planet, the more I valued fashion and brands that are protecting the planet.

A large part of my personal and professional mission in sharing this content is to create an image and a lifestyle- a place where fashion & consciousness come together. There is great importance in being conscious of not only the social and environmental impacts of fashion, but being conscious of how you are affected by the fashion you choose (on the inside and outside).

My passion for shopping secondhand started as from an environmental stance. I believe that secondhand shopping, whether high-end consignment, vintage or thrift, is the most sustainable shopping we can do because the resources have already been used. By extending the lifecycle of discarded items that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill, we are strengthening the circular economy (vs. a linear, throwaway culture).

Sadly, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world