Until now Halloween has not exactly been know as a very sustainable holiday. For many Americans the routine goes something like this: Buy costume, wear it once, throw it out.

Personally, it always bothered me that I’d spend all this money on an outfit that I’d wear once, maybe twice, that would then collect dust in the back of a closet at best. There’s got to be a more resourceful way to celebrate this iconic holiday.

This post was originally featured in the October issue of Green Living Magazine. To see all the looks, please check it out here: https://greenlivingaz.com/current-issue/ 

Sustainable Lightbulb Moment: It could be just as fun to dress the part of a movie character I loved, such as Sandy from Grease, or from a time period I was intrigued by, like the roaring 20s, utilizing items I could repurpose in my everyday life. 

For instance, one year I dressed up as Holly Go Lightly from the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s- very stylish, right? Not only was it easy and a ton of fun, but I could rework that little black dress for a number of different occasions and looks; the tiara, I used for other Halloween costumes and even a bachelorette party; that timeless string of pearls- well of course I’ll be wearing those forever (doesn’t everyone need a pair?)