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Happy 50th Earth Day from ReFashion Report + Refashioned Art

I want to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day! This is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and it is also Fashion Revolution Week. As a sustainable fashion advocate, I wanted to pop in and share my heartfelt encouragement to step up and do your part for the planet. I love fashion and I care deeply about the planet.

Watch my Earth Day message here:

All of the content I share is created with the intention of using fashion for good and demonstrating how we can all combine style and sustainability in our everyday lifestyle and our wardrobes- AND have a ton of fun doing it, all while looking the very best we can. Because I am. 

ReFashion: My word for the reinvention of our relationship to fashion and how we use it. It is essentially using Fashion for good- to make ourselves feel good and to do good for the planet.

We all wear clothes. Therefor we are all fashion decision makers, and we have an opportunity to be fashion change makers. Every choice is a vote. Vote with your dollars and vote with your voice.

Watch my made-for-you sustainable fashion resource ReFashion: The Webinar

Join me on Instagram @iamlauramadden for sustainable fashion and lifestyle content and ReFashionTalk LIVE where I talk about sustainable styling tips and answer viewer questions every Monday + Friday 11am PST. Send me your questions. Don’t worry, in case you missed me LIVE, all segments will be saved in my @iamlauramadden IGTV as well as my YouTube channel.

This Monday (4/20) on ReFashionTalk LIVE I shared a brief overview of the importance of both Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week. I also shared my top three sustainable style tips of the moment. I hope you’ll check out the video here or here for more of my personal styling details on each of these:

1. Restyle your own closet

2. Swap with your family and friends

3. Sew: mend the clothes you already own and love

I hope you’ll stay close to my Instagram stories this week where I’m sharing resources and content from some of the biggest influences and change makers in the fashion and sustainability space. All of it is FREE. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn from some of the best!

Follow me on my Instagram art page @ReFashionedArt where I share my upcycled art. All pieces are originals, all for sale, all upcycled, made using repurposed materials. The purpose of ReFashioned Art is to encourage & inspire you to reimagine what you consider and see as trash, and to look for beauty where it is not normally found.

If you like my style, love fashion & you care about the environment, I hope you’ll follow along my journey here on for more sustainability and style content. If you'd like more help with your own personal styling and curating a conscious closet, check out my virtual style consultation here: The Sustainable Solution to Elevating your Personal Style.


The Sustainable Solution to Elevating your Personal Style 

Photos 2 + 3 courtesy of Goodwill



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