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Holiday Shopping

Sustainable Shopping Strategies for the Holidays (yes, please!)

These last four years have been quite the sustainable fashion journey, since first learning of the dire need for there to even be something called sustainable fashion. I’ve been talking a lot about the sustainable shopping strategies I employ that you can use too, no matter where you’re shopping- brand new or used- for the holiday season and beyond.

We can make a positive impact on the state of our environment just in the little choices we each make.

It’s cool to care about the impact your shopping choices are having on the planet. It matters. Every bit counts. Every purchase is a vote. The more I learn about the impact fashion is having on the planet, fast fashion, and how workers rights are being abolished (sorry to be a party pooper, but it’s true) I take the concept of wearing my values seriously. 

Impeccable style can be both sustainable and affordable, and does not have to come at the cost of human & environmental ethics. Only good things can come from learning to be a more conscious consumer- because really every choice matters. Above all else- I swear by shopping with intention- simply being conscious of what you’re buying- why, where, from whom.

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.” Emma Watson

I want to support the circular economy and the retailers giving our old clothes a second chance in someone else's closet. For that person who didn't think they could afford high-end, high-quality clothing, or for someone that wants that unique [no one else has it] kind of find, secondhand is a great option. I personally have found that shopping secondhand fashion is one of the best ways to curate the most stylish and unique wardrobe that I can. But, I understand that wearing someone else’s clothes way not be appealing to everyone, or you (not just yet- wink).

Shown here is one of my favorite Goodwill finds actually- a vintage, 100% silk tie-neck blouse. And it is the most rich ruby red I have ever seen. It was $10. I hope you like it as much as I do! Chanel purse was purchased on consignment at Sola Lucy. The shoes are an old Banana Republic purchase.

My tips:

1- Shop with intention- go with a purpose. Know exactly what you are looking for. Identify your intention in buying said items before you commit. No matter the price.

2- Document your wants & needs: Keep photos on your phone of said items you seek to find.

3- Stay disciplined- ONLY (only! even if it’s only $1!)- Only purchase items you have a purpose for and you plan to use. 

4- Buy quality- if there are brands you know are questionable, such as most fast fashion brands, my suggestion is to pass on those. They’re less likely to hold up for the long haul.

This is not just about saving money. This is about only buying what you need, want and will use. This is about taking a stand for the environment and the next generation to come. 

We have so much power as consumers to change the world, to turn things around, just with the everyday choices we are making. Speak out about what you feel is right and important, and what you believe needs to change. And most importantly, act on it.

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd or go against the grain. I know as a ‘fashion person’ talking about wearing something like used clothing doesn’t exactly sound glamorous or de rigeur- But, I have to stay true to myself and I stand behind what I believe is right.

I hope you’ll join me in the sustainable fashion movement if you care about making change, this planet and you really love clothes. If you try out some of the tips I shared here, please send me a message and let me know how you’re doing. I would love to hear from you!




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