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Iconic Life Magazine Feature

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Sustainable Fashion and Recycled Fashion Tips

by Laura Madden featured in Iconic Life Magazine

To be featured in one of my favorite publications Iconic Life Magazine is a thrill, no question, but even more so, that luxury and mega mainstream media is focusing on sustainability means things are changing. They are changing for good.

I could not be more grateful in our final chapters of 2020 to have this platform to share something so deeply important to me. I am at peace knowing we are moving the needle on fashion.


As a fashion lover, model and influencer, Laura Madden knows all about what’s trending. Right now, what’s trendy is taking any and every step to help the planet, and she’s helping us adopt new shopping habits and transform the current pieces in our closets.

What does it mean to be sustainable and recycle fashion? Laura Madden shares the scoop and her top tips. Head over to now to read the full length feature and follow on Instagram for the most exceptional content on living life beautifully. Publisher @reneeldee really nailed it.


Signs of change…When luxury becomes sustainable and sustainable becomes luxury. It is a large part of my personal and professional mission to merge sustainability and style. It is, in fact, how I live my life. If I can do it in my everyday lifestyle, and demonstrate that for you, I believe you can do it too. It is a lifestyle; it is a mindset.

Part of Vogue Magazine’s VOGUE VALUES 2020 [It’s time to Fashion the Future] is sustainability. That says a lot. When Vogue speaks, the world listens.

Earlier this year I was featured in AZ Redbook Magazine, a local luxury publication that has been a fixture of Arizona society, as the Green Influencer for my focus on sustainable and secondhand fashion. Both this year and last I was a featured Woman of Style in Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine, mega luxury publication, wearing 100% used clothing. Funny thing, unless mentioned, no one would have known. [How is that so? My secrets…]

100% USED; photo Phyllis Lane


Stay tuned another minute or so…I’ve got another big one coming out. I can hardly wait to share it with you! And yes- it involves lots of secondhand fashion, right in time for my Nothing New November Challenge. Speaking of… To celebrate my Nothing New November Challenge 2020, I am giving away a 5 x 7 fine art paper print (Value of $50).

ReFashion. More Style. Less Waste.

Please let me know what most resonates with you. Do you feel more inclined to shop more sustainably? Is sustainability an important part of your lifestyle today? What do you want to learn more about to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.



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