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Let's Go Shopping. New Website is LIVE + Shows

One Year ago…

1st Gallery Showing, Portland on the Park, Phoenix, AZ

Late last July I drew a line in the sand, and made the decision to pursue my art professionally. I had been playing with the idea of it, but was very much lacking the confidence to step into such uncharted territory. 

After losing my dog unexpectedly and other things that were rather shakeups in my life, I decided if not now- then when? Let’s go! It seemed I was being given an opportunity- an opening to step into.

I did.

12/19. The Tiny Works Exhibit, 9 the Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

I set up an online profile through Artlink, our local non-profit supporting artists, and entered my art in an open artist call to be featured in a gallery show. My piece was chosen. It seemed like a wink from the Universe (ie. a sign)  

I’ve had a few other gallery showings, have been recognized in local publications, was featured on Fox 10 Phoenix, among other things, all of which I would consider confirmation that I am on the right path (more signs).

Fox 10 Phoenix

What I’ve learned is that even though something might feel right, it’s not always easy. Paving your own path can be hard, arduous, and riddled with self-doubt, as I’ve witnessed. But I’m doing it anyway…

This past week was a turning point for me, and especially my art business. I’ve been feeling restless, impatient (nothing too unusual for me tbh), and have known that it’s time to expand and re-organize my business.

I just launched a brand new website (it’s shop-able! and I’m offering free shipping!) and we’re rebuilding my art studio (I’ll have ac, ventilation, etc.!). It has been a lot at once, and I’m taking one day at a time.

Let's Go Shopping! Discount code + Free Shipping!

Current Best Seller, Hello I Love You; Online Shop

I’m celebrating the small wins. In the first few days of launching my website, I’ve already had two sales- my first international sale even! It is kinda funny- from the start I’ve felt resistant to offering prints, mainly from poor advice I shouldn’t have taken to heart. Thus far, I’ve sold 14 prints. I am thrilled 12 pieces of ReFashioned Art will grace the walls of a fashion brand’s headquarters in the UK. A collector in Phoenix has two new pieces to add to her collection too.

Most of all, I’m especially grateful for your support~ for being here, reading and following along. I hope you will check out my new site, especially if you are in the market to add a fashionable edge to the walls of your home or workspace. And please, make sure you claim your discount code to be used on your very first purchase.

ps don’t forget to send your friends too. Part of my mission in launching ReFashioned Art is to get as much Art + beauty into the lives of as many people as I can.

Thank you for being here, for reading my updates, and following along!


In case you missed it…

Women of Style, Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine 9/20

This month I’m featured in Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine. For the second year in a row, I was named a Modern Luxury Woman of Style. Shameless plug- I really love it! To be recognized for something so deeply  important to me is incredibly validating. (Yes, in case you were wondering, this look was 100% USED). 


LIVE Art Show

Click HERE to watch the full feature

For the time being, I’ll be broadcasting multiple LIVE art shows every week, straight from Instagram. Each art show is essentially a flash sale featuring exclusive pricing offers. I’m in the process of clearing space to make room for a future art series while I rebuild my art studio (more on that coming soon- promise!) 

Every Friday, 5pm, I host a LIVE happy hour art tour at home- complete with cocktails, cocktail attire, and cameos from my dear rescue dogs, on the @iamlauramadden Instagram.  

I also share LIVE Art Shows every Monday + Friday, 10:30am PST+ on the @ReFashionedArt Instagram (my art page)- promise I always come dressed for the show!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items shown, click HERE to contact me and let me know which items you are interested in.* I am always available to video chat if you are interested in seeing an item up close and learning more about it straight from me. 

*please note S+H is additional



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