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Life in the Slow Lane

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

It may be True... Slow and Steady Wins the Race

New images by Carrilee Fox Photogrpahy; Hair + Makeup by Tavit Brodeau-Kazanjian

Arizona summers…no secret that things slow down here, I mean it is practically our winter, our hibernation time. Such has been the case for me, though not exactly by choice. Slowing down has served me quite well, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

This summer has been marked by steep ups and downs (anyone else experience a few cliffhangers?). I’ve been rather forthcoming about some of the pains- the losses and disappointments, as much as I could without being a complete downer. But today I want to focus on the good that’s happening in my life. Because hallelujah! I have a lot to celebrate right now too.


I have to remind myself that it’s ok to not be like everyone else-  to do things my own way- to pave my own path- and to look like I might not have it all together. One thing I’m not so proud of is the amount of times I’ve decided to pivot in my life. At the same time, one thing I am proud of is the amount of times I’ve been able to pivot in my life.

As of this summer, I’m on to the next- but I’m taking things slow, feeling it out, and I gotta say I’m having fun. Slow is working out for me. I’ve got some exciting announcements to prove it!

All those things you thought coulda, woulda, shoulda  worked out for you- but didn’t. The truth is- You got lucky. The universe has always got your back. It might not always seem like it, but looking back you can see how those missed opportunities were necessary to make space for the good stuff to come in. 


c/o Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine; Photo by King Lawrence; Hair + Makeup by Bianca Koonce; Shot at my home; Clothing my own.

Sneak peak of the Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine September issue. I am completely humbled to be included in the annual Women of Style lineup. Not only was I recognized for my personal style, but our photoshoot took place right here in my own home and my ReFashioned Art made an appearance too! Thank you Modern Luxury for coming to my home and making it all look so photoshoot pretty! [Click here] to view the digital copy.  More coming soon- promise! (All clothing is my own, makeup by Bianca Koonce, photography by King Lawrence)

The selected artists for the Portland on the Park Art Collection Exhibition

Thank you ArtLink Phoenix for choosing one of my paintings to be included in the Portland on the Park Art Collection Exhibit. Starting Thursday 8/29, my painting will be on view in their art gallery where it will reside for the next three months. Portland on the Park is a luxury condo building located in Downtown Phoenix that now has a very special place in my heart. I am so grateful for this opportunity!!

For more information about the ArtLink In Residence program visit:

The Conscious Collective Popup is almost 2 weeks away!! Please mark your calendar for this sustainable and local shopping experience featuring 6 women-owned fashion + art businesses. We have numerous special events scheduled, such as happy hours, book signings, featured guests, fundraisers, an open air market and a soiree. [Click here for Soiree tickets + details]

Recently on @ReFashionedArt ... Part of my Self Portrait Series that will be on sale at next month’s Conscious Collective PopUp. This is the official debut of my ReFashioned Art brand. I am very proud of this project to share my message of sustainability through my upcycled for the first time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like more information, details about a specific piece or my process. View my current portfolio of work on my ArtLink profile.

Zion, Cleo, Athena, 12 x 36 each, acrylic on canvas

Thank you for the feature Ocotillo House and Home!

Laura Madden is an advocate for fashion, art, and sustainability through her work as an influencer, stylist, writer, model and artist. She reports on the intersection of style, sustainability and self-esteem on both her blog, the ReFashion Report, and various conscious lifestyle publications. Laura also serves as a global ambassador for nonprofit Remake, is a board member with San Francisco Fashion Community Week, and is the founder of ReFashioned Art, her brand of upcycled art.
Make sure you come see her ReFashioned Art debut at the @consciouscollectivephx PopUp Shopping experience 9/16- 10/11 for a beautiful & sustainable shopping experience including local art + fashion.

Photo by Kate Moore Photography

That's all for now! Please stay tuned for updates, as I'll be sharing additional 'ups' as they flow in. I have great trust that there are only good things ahead. Cheers!

For more sustainable style, art and shopping tips, follow me on Instagram @refashionedart and @iamlauramadden

And of course- for more on Luce’s life and rescue dogs in need of a home, follow us at @two_pretty_birds


Cover Photo, 2, 3: Carrilee Fox Photography



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