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LIVE Art Show at The Abstract Exhibit

Excited to share that two of my pieces are now showing in The Abstract Exhibit at {9} the Gallery, located in the Warehouse district downtown Phoenix: Tegge I & II. Both are for sale through the gallery. Please contact {9} the Gallery for further details

{9} The Gallery currently has 4 Exhibits: Pop, Figurative, Realism, and Abstract. Additional details:

I’ve always known that if I want to continue growing ReFashioned Art, I need to keep in stretching myself and putting myself out there. It may be scary and so vulnerable at times- but if you want to grow your mission and business, you must grow yourself first. Excited to share another win for ReFashioned Art and my commitment to keep reaching for opportunities that feel somewhat unreachable for a small, emerging artist, such as myself.

It can be scary as hell to call yourself an artist and share your work with the world, but feels so good to put yourself out there and show what you’ve got. You never know who might be watching, who might see something in you that you don’t see in yourself and might want to take a chance on what you have to share. Thank you to {9} the Gallery for giving me that chance!

I recently filmed a LIVE art show on Instagram from the space to show the pieces and talk more about them. Another thing I commit to continue doing to stretch myself and continue growing this brand- LIVE video. I actually love doing LIVEs- but still, as much as I love it, they are scary, so vulnerable, and the ultimate test in letting go of control and perfectionism.

Dressed for the show- always

I’ll admit- maybe subconsciously- that I psyche myself up by picking out an outfit I love. I always dress a bit extra… dress for the job you want right… For this show I wore a 100% used look- A dress from My Sister’s Closet, vest I consigned from an Oakland, CA boutique and Cole Hahn boots from Buffalo Exchange. It was fun, sparkly- and no matter who or how many watched- I felt like I was going to a party. And I knew I was dressed for it!

It is a large part of my mission to get as much art & beauty into as many peoples homes & lives as I can. I hope you will tag a friend that might like to add some fashionable art to their life.

ReFashioned Art. More Style. Less waste.

Tegge I + II (R- L)

Tegge I + II, 29” x 29”, mixed media are original artwork, though are meant to go together, as they are in matching frames. Thank you {9} the Gallery for the beautiful display of my artwork in The Abstract Exhibit. As much as I hope they’ll find they’re forever home soon, they look sooooo good right where they are, basking in lots of beautiful natural light! The Gallery space is located at Galvanize, 515 Grant.

The artwork showing at {9} the Gallery is extraordinary and all by local talent. I hope you will check it out if you’re in the area or at least check it out online [HERE]. There are so many good people here and lots of good things happening now- so much talent! I guarantee you’ll be uplifted & inspired by their passion, perseverance, creations & sharing their work during this crazy, unprecedented time. I am proud and so humbled to be included amongst such an esteemed group of artists. A special thank you to {9} the Gallery for including my work in this show.


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I hope you'll peruse my site, pick out your favorites & maybe gift art this year! I am all for gifting experiences this year over things. In my opinion, Art is more an experience than simply a thing that takes up space. Art is a mood lifter and it can change how you feel in any given moment. I rely on that often! Don’t you agree?



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