Mastering the look: pseudo minimalism

ReStyling my life. No formulas. Just feelings.

I’ve been calling myself a stylist for a few years now, since I started personal shopping at a Minneapolis line of thrift stores and styling various coaching clients. But I'm starting to reconsider the labels I place on myself. Change sure is a comin’- I can feel it~

I've always struggled with formulas, guidelines- you know, the 'ways' to dress- on trend/ thin/ age-appropriate/ work appropriate, etc. I KNOW, I KNOW- this is just what a stylist does. But not this stylist.


I know there are specific ways to dress for specific situations and for specific body types. I just don't know what they are. We live in a modern world where we are required to be dressed some-way, some-how to go out into the world (by law anyways). And in a physical world we are initially (and instantaneously) judged based on how we look. It is simple human nature, whether you know good style or not.