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Plastic Free July with Sustainable Swimsuit Brand Alyned Together

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Yes, I’ve made it know that I believe shopping secondhand fashion is the most sustainable fashion to be found. But- I fully understand that wearing secondhand is not for everyone. Yes- sadly there is still a stigma around secondhand being second-best or somehow less than, and I know some people just can’t get over wearing other people’s clothes. Never bothered me one bit- but I get it.

Full disclosure- I did one time purchase a swimsuit at a local consignment store- but it’s not something I’ll make a habit out of. When it comes to things like intimates- swimsuits included- I’m likely not shopping secondhand. If I decide that I’m not shopping secondhand for any given item, my next best option is to shop sustainable and responsible brands (such as the one featured here)

Aside: I’m also in the midst of a 90-day pledge to buy no new clothes (only buying secondhand that is). But- everyone partakes at their own discretion or comfort level. Again- for me this doesn’t include intimates, socks and I’m likely not buying secondhand sneakers (I’ve looked but chances are good they are too worn for my standards).

Introducing Alyned Together, a brand that prioritizes body inclusivity as well as positive environmental impact through their transparency of sourcing and manufacturing. Their collection uses recycled plastic bottles, which eliminates the need to extract virgin fossil fuels from manufacturing fabric from scratch. I find it to be quite brilliant actually- utilizing that which already exists.

When it comes to having a sustainable wardrobe, the best thing we can do for the planet is to wear our clothing for as long as we can.

I share the same sentiments about recycled clothing as I do about secondhand- you are conserving resources that otherwise would have been used in production of a virgin fabric (one made from scratch) and extending the use and value of resources already used. And ultimately we are slowing down the demand on the mainstream and fast fashion industries.

My advice for anyone concerned about sustainability or their budget even is to extend the lifecycle of your prized possessions for as long as possible. How do you do that? The more we can repurpose, restyle, and reimagine the clothing we own, the more we will value it. The more we value our clothing, the longer we will keep it, love it and take care of it.  

Wearing clothing 50 times instead of 5 (the fast fashion average) reduces carbon emissions by 400% per item per year.

Shown here is the Alyned Together bikini bottom paired with a bra top I’ve had for many [MANY] years and a J.Crew bandeau top purchased at My Sister’s Closet (from the first time I lived here…. 2005-ish). I encourage you to mix and match as your heart desires. I guarantee that you’ll extend the life of that suit a lot longer than you expected.



Please shop sustainable brands, such as Alyned Together. They are making it even easier for you by offering a generous discount!!

Get 15% off using code: Summerswim15 

Photos featured here were shot at Farago on the Rood, Nice, FR.

Thank you to Alyned Together for gifting the featured swimsuit.



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