Plastic Free July with Sustainable Swimsuit Brand Alyned Together

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Yes, I’ve made it know that I believe shopping secondhand fashion is the most sustainable fashion to be found. But- I fully understand that wearing secondhand is not for everyone. Yes- sadly there is still a stigma around secondhand being second-best or somehow less than, and I know some people just can’t get over wearing other people’s clothes. Never bothered me one bit- but I get it.

Full disclosure- I did one time purchase a swimsuit at a local consignment store- but it’s not something I’ll make a habit out of. When it comes to things like intimates- swimsuits included- I’m likely not shopping secondhand. If I decide that I’m not shopping secondhand for any given item, my next best option is to shop sustainable and responsible brands (such as the one featured here)

Aside: I’m also in the midst of a 90-day pledge to buy no new clothes (only buying secondhand that is). But- everyone partakes at their own discretion or comfort level. Again- for me this doesn’t include intimates, socks and I’m likely not buying secondhand sneakers (I’ve looked but chances are good they are too worn for my standards).