Modern Holiday 2020

Me, my family, at my home. ’Tis the season to sparkle & shine... and feel overwhelmed, overloaded & out of touch. Without question the holidays look a hell of a lot different this year, so what are you going to do about it. That is the very question I’ve asked myself this last week.

I’ll admit that maximizing my time focusing in building my business has occupied maybe more of my waking hours than I’d like to admit. Yet, I also must admit that its been working for me- it feels good- things are moving. My hard work is paying off. But this has been a good example of ‘Do the work. Stay the course. Trust the process.'

Christmas card photoshoot 2020, Oct. 2020

What helps you stay grounded during the craziest time of year? During one of the craziest of years? Being creative & prioritizing the things that bring me joy always does it for me. Though this year has been one of the busiest for me, and getting that ‘play’ time in has been sparse, I know what I need to do. Last week I spray painted an entire Christmas tree gold (pure joy), decorated my three Christmas trees, and adorned myself in like fixings (ex. of my metallic rose gold dress shown here).

Even the littlest of ‘creative’ endeavors like getting dressed or styling my mantle reminded me what I love most and who I am. I am a creative & that ‘creative’ needs to be challenged regularly. Looking forward to more play dates ahead. We will see what the new year brings our way. Cheers! Hope you are staying healthy, happy & in your joy! 🪅🪅🪅🪅 (favorite emoji otm).

The photo shown here with my husband and two rescue dogs is pretty much how the last 10 months has gone. Lots of DIY happy hours on our roof deck, watching the sun go down, overlooking Camelback Mountain. Silver lining… there have also been plenty of things we’ve had to let go of, go without and of course there were plenty of let downs. But, I am focusing on the good- because frankly, there has been a lot of it. I have loved my time at home- cooking, lying low, lots of time outdoors, cuddles with the pups, etc.

Rescue- another passion of my husband and I’s, and a very important part of our mission is to advocate for rescue dogs. I know this time of year it’s common that families decide to bring home a new family pet. If you are considering a new pet, please consider rescue. I share dogs in need & reliable rescues on my