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Modern Luxury Magazine Women of Style feature

Every year one of my favorite magazines, Modern Luxury Scottsdale, publishes a Women of Style lineup...

Women of Style 2019 Modern Luxury Magazine

Since relocating to Arizona last year, I have held on to every issue (they are beautiful), and I love referring back to them when in need of inspiration. I’m excited to share that I’ve been featured in the 2019 The Women of Style lineup now available in the September issue of Modern Luxury Magazine. There’s still time to grab your copy and get the digital edition right {here}.

Thank you Modern Luxury Scottsdale for recognizing me for not only my personal aesthetic but also the narrative I convey through my fashion choices to tell a deeper story about our image and our planet. Because Fashion is intimately connected to our environment- we must make this connection a priority & live with respect to it.

It is a true honor to be recognized for something that is deeply important to me, and that I get so much pleasure from- wearing clothes, talking about clothes, shopping for clothes. Most importantly, this is a form of truth & self-expression for me.

This is an art form and it is also an environmental stance, a means to spread the message of sustainability- a huge problem on our planet right now, and we need all hands on deck. So, I hope by sharing beautiful clothes and pretty pictures will entice you as well to join the sustainable fashion and lifestyle movement. We all can do our part.

The article, aptly titled A Repurposeful Life, by Nora Borba Trulsson sums it up just perfectly! And a huge thank you to Modern Luxury Magazine for coming to my home and making it look as ‘photo ready’ as they did me! 

You will also notice that my newly released ReFashioned Art brand made the issue as well! All of my art is upcycled and is another means of me spreading the message of sustainability. All Art shown is my own, ReFashioned Art originals, and are shown in my own home.

A peak inside the September '19 issue

All clothing worn is my own and is what I consider to be sustainable fashion- sourced from sustainable brands or secondhand, such as vintage, TBC Scottsdale, Goodwill, The R Collective, The Paris Flea Market.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!


Photographer: King Lawrence 

Makeup: Bianca Koonce

Written: Nora Borba Trulsson

Editor: Lauren Swanson Tyda

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