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My Top Strategies to Shopping Sustainably [that I'm using now!]

10 WAYS TO SHOP SUSTAINABLY downloadable guide coming soon!

If you’re anything like me, you love fashion and you care a lot about the planet. The fashion industry and the environment are intricately and intimately connected, yet unfortunately this is a relationship far off balance.

Every year, as the demand for faster, cheaper fashion increases, the resources fashion demands from planet Earth grow more scarce.

Yes, fashion may be a love affair many of us share, but with fashion being one of the largest polluters of the planet, we are at a crucial stage of rewriting our relationship to fashion and how we consume it.

It is believed that Americans dispose of about 12.8 million tons of textiles annually. (1) Why are we purchasing so much stuff just to be discarded as trash? (Remake)

If the fashion industry’s ethical and environmental strains are not cause enough to seek more sustainable fashion options, maybe the fact that we are drowning in excess stuff will be. I hope you will join me in contributing to a more conscious consumer movement.


100% USED (no secret here) is in fact my favorite fashion and shopping of choice, but I understand it may not be for everyone. No matter how many well styled, designer, vintage, one of a kind items I show off- not everyone is falling for it. That's ok.

We are all unique, especially in our style- and that's what makes us all special... so, that is why I created this short and sweet guide. Now everyone- USED clothes-loving or not- can make sustainable shopping choices and feel good that they can enjoy their fashion and do good for the environment too!

Nothing is out of style unless it's not your style.

It’s not so much about the clothes as how you wear them! I believe that with a little imagination & play, you can easily turn an afternoon thrifting into a highbrow experience.

Upcycling found objects or other people's discards has come to be my hallmark. And- yes- I am proud of that. I take pride in creating beauty where it is not conventionally found.

I can’t lie, I’m obsessed with used stuff. Old, discarded, unwanted, abandoned... it’s like rescuing a lost puppy. Re-home it, restyle, repurpose, reimagine, redesign- ReFashion. I believe everything, even our old over-worn clothing, deserves a second chance at life. 

I believe we are capable of rewriting our relationship to fashion & rethinking what we actually consider to be trash. I hope we can find that common-ground together. I hope you will find that here.

Sneak Peak at what's to come in my soon-to-launch downloadable sustainable shopping guide...



Fashion + Eco-consciousness can coexist. Actually, they belong together. They must.


Stay tuned for more!!

Photos 1,2,4 by Phyllis Lane; assisted by Carrilee Fox; Makeup by Mary Reid.

Photo 3 by Aaron Blackwell; makeup provided by Green Living Magazine; location courtesy of Phoenix Public Works



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