My Words of 2020

Since starting Refashioned Art this past summer, this has been one of the most exhilarating and expanding times of my life- but also one of the most terrifying. No surprise really. I am finally pursuing something I’ve always wanted to do deep inside, but was too afraid to even admit that to myself. It was like my little secret. 

Why is that!? Sometimes the closer we get to that thing we really want most, the scarier it gets, and therefore we somehow find a way to either deny it, ignore it, or subconsciously push it away.


These things can be challenging but life has proven that all are possible. And when I speak of belief I am specifically referring to a belief in oneself and in miracles. Yes, I believe in miracles- everything from the big to the small little hints of magic that happen on a daily basis; the little winks from the Universe, synchronicities.

These words are my words of 2020. They are also like reminders to myself because these things can be challenging for me, but life has proven that they are possible. The thing that helps me the most is looking for evidence- in other people and situations. Again, it’s like focusing on what we do want to happen, instead of fixating on the alternative.

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