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New Exhibit - IN RESIDENCE ReFashioned Art

I so happy to share that another piece of ReFashioned Art is now on exhibit. Thank you to @artlink_phoenix + @portlandonthepark for choosing my work for the IN RESIDENCE Exhibit downtown Phoenix.

The exhibit opened with a virtual opening reception held over Zoom, which felt extra special- I was sitting in my home, my two pups by my side and I had a surprise visit from a gigantic hawk. I’m one of those people- I believe in signs and spirit guides. Anyone know the meaning of hawks? Please drop me a line and let me know your interpretation.

This also felt extra special, with Earth Day fast approaching, because this piece was created out of my need to do some-thing extra for the planet. Reducing waste, conserving resources & starving the landfill- hoping by doing my part I can make a difference.

This piece is called Gold Mine and is part of my ReFashion ReSculpt series. Gold Mine can be viewed at the IN RESIDENCE exhibit at the Portland on the Park building downtown Phoenix and is available for purchase. The item is 20” x 40”, mixed media, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

If you are new to my ReFashion ReSculpt series- this series has my whole heart and soul in it. These pieces are the epitome of ‘more style. less waste’, which is a large mission of this brand. Like all ReFashioned Art originals, these are made using repurposed materials- but even more important to me is that many of the materials used are unrecyclable and will not biodegrade, such as styrofoam and soft plastics. So, this holds incredible importance to me - to once again find another way we can all starve the landfill.

I hope you like it. ReSculpt commissions also available. The latest ReSculpt commission is Gold Mine II, shown here.

Gold Mine II, ReFashion ReSculpt, 4th commission this month

Thank you to everyone following here and on my @ReFashionedArt Instagram where I share a good amount of up-to-the-minute updates and behind-the-scenes shots. I hope you will join me on my mission to create a cleaner planet and leave it better for the next generation to come.



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