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New Media Feature in Shoutout Arizona

I am thrilled to share another media feature, this week Shoutout Arizona! It is such a pleasure to be embraced by my community in the capacity that I have. My work is entirely purpose-driven, and I know it is unique, and slightly unusual and avant garde in style, but my work is ALL ME! This is my authentic essence and I am beyond grateful to be building this business and sharing my work with the world.

It took me until I was in my 40s to have the courage to accept myself as an artist, put myself out there and pursue my art professionally. But what they say is true- when you follow your heart and trust yourself, only good things can come. Thank you to everyone- near and far that have shown up for me - supported my work, shared my work and purchased my work.

If you know someone who would love my work and appreciate my mission of merging style + sustainability, please share this with them!! Cheers!


By repurposing old items into something more fashionable, chic and contemporary, I hope to inspire you to look for beauty where it is not normally found. It is my mission, using my art, to demonstrate that it’s not only possible, but you can do it too. And your life and home can be even more stylish and luxurious because of it. Afterall, repurposed items are one of a kind, and that exclusivity brings it to a whole other level.

My latest series ReFashion ReSculpt is made using reclaimed fabric discards. The textile industry is a huge source of unnecessary waste on the planet. In fact, 92 million tons of textile waste enter landfills every year. I love fashion, but I also care deeply about the environment, lowering my carbon footprint and becoming a part of the solution not the problem. For this reason, my original artwork is made using repurposed materials. I collect unwanted art and supplies and refashion them into something new, stylish and cool. (interestingly, the people who buy my art are very much ‘in fashion’ as well).



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