Nothing New November Challenge 2020. You in?

Every year at this time I’m launch a Nothing New November challenges essentially a ‘no new clothes’ challenge. Due to obvious reasons and keeping it 2020 style, this year will be a little different- no group photoshoots, no clothing swaps… but we kicked it off with a bang nevertheless! In partnership with one of my talent agencies, Role Models Management, they hosted a nothing new Halloween Challenge.

Every year there is huge amount of unnecessary waste resulting from Halloween. Of course, I repurposed and reFashioned a repeat look, and one of my favorites, Holly Go Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I truly believe it is completely en vogue to repeat the most fabulous looks you possess... even Audrey used this one to amass her world class style icon status wearing her signature lbd look.

reuse, restyle, reFashion, rewear

Will you join me in reinventing our relationship to fashion? ReFashion is a word I assigned to this concept, written out in great detail years ago in a journal. This is not about buying nothing- but reevaluating what we buy, how much, from whom, from where- and why. This is about how we can create MORE STYLE. LESS WASTE. in our lives. It’s actually really exciting & really fun, and it’s been a catalyst to hone my creative edge.

Fashion is still one of the most polluting industries- this ‘challenge’ is not about shaming anyone for their shopping habits or vilifying fashion, but demonstrating and experimenting with another way- of creating MORE STYLE. LESS WASTE. in our lives.

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