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Nothing New November + Gratitude

(L-R) Ebony Whitaker, Crystal Daniels, myself, Lauren McDowell, Franchela Ulysses

These girls... this movement...

6 years ago I discovered secondhand shopping by accident. It started as an environmental stance- it was a way I could feed my passion for fashion while doing good for the environment. Today, I still believe in lowering my impact on the planet, but also I simply find the best stuff!

For years now I’ve been doing a Nothing New November Challenge every November to help raise awareness of the power, optimism & influence of shopping secondhand… not to mention it is the best thing you can do for the environment. Thank you to Iconic Life Magazine - the leader in living beautifully and doing good for the planet, for partnering on this. I could not be more thrilled to have the support of a luxury publication spreading this message to their audience as well.

And an extra special thank you to my lovely secondhand society ladies shown here. Last month we came together for our Nothing New November photoshoot featuring 100% used clothing. If these ladies are not proof that sustainability can be sexy, stylish and cool- I don’t know what will. Last year, unfortunately we were not able to shoot together, but now we are back for the second round.

Thank you Ebony Whitaker- @effortlessly.ebony- Crystal Daniels - @designertreasurehunt - Lauren McDowell- @bellezzabylauren and Franchela Ulysses - @modestubyfranchela for showing up for me to promote and celebrate this! (each of their Instagrams are linked here and each of these women are also local small business owners. I hope you will check them out, follow them, and support them however you can.

And last but not least Kavan Lake Photography- - our epic photographer. He nailed it!! I am so excited to share additional photos and looks from our shoot- there are so many more!! I’m excited to slowly sprinkle in more from our shoot here in the coming weeks- but I’d like to leave you with this above all else whether November, December or whatever month we are in, shopping secondhand is a lifestyle, it is a movement- not a one-time thing for me.

It is important that we all try to reuse, restyle and rewear whatever we already have, or if shopping secondhand, what already exists. Our planet will not afford us an unlimited amount of resources. I am not here to spread fear but to spread innovative ideas and potential solutions that also look and feel really really good.

If it can work for me, and all of the women featured here, maybe it can work for you too. I hope you will give it a try. This is not about having less than or any type of deprivation, but been awake and aware to what is going on, working with nature, but still living our best life at the same time.

Style and sustainability can coexist. I hope that we have shown that to you here. Every bit you can do counts and goes a really long way to benefiting the planet.

Stay tuned for more...



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