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Nothing New November Week 2 Challenge

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Wear what you love, what you have and most important- wear what you value.

Why, of course, what we wear can make us feel better about ourselves, and even armed to face the world most days. What we wear matters, which is a huge part of why I decided to share my Nothing New November Challenge and invite your to come along. The more conscious we are about what we wear and the choices we are making, the better we feel about ourselves. And the better we feel, the better choices we end up making. It gets us into one big, positive cycled. Win-win.

(R-L Myself, Heidi Altree, Ebony Whitaker, Franchela Franco, Crystal Daniels

I shared that each week I’d be offering a challenge step for you to complete to help you become a more conscious, responsible and sustainable shopper. Don’t worry if you are not able to complete each challenge as they come. Think of this whole month as one big open-ended invitation. (please come!) Meaning the invitation will always be here for you to accept- when you are ready to make that change and take that step. I looking forward to sharing this experience with you soon!

Challenge 2:  Shop your own closet

I know, it might not sound all that fun and exciting. It might not sound like much of a challenge at all. Don’t fret, I’ve got a method to my madness. (wink)

The real challenge is in using your imagination and stretching your creative edge. How can you do more with less? I know for most of us fashion lovers- less of anything might not sound all that fun either.

Remember, true style takes vision, not necessarily great clothes. True style is about transforming the everyday into something amazing.

What else can you create or come up with those pieces that you already own? What new combos can you put together that no one else has thought of yet?

Accessorizing is one of my favorite sustainable styling tips I can offer you. Call upon your old favorites, your tried and true hero accessories that can transform a look from drab to fab in an instant.

Is there a look you could repeat? Is there a look you wore recently, but could make brand new just by swapping out the accessories? Explore your collection of jewelry, hats, scarves, shoes- just for starters.

How’d you do with our Week 1 Challenge? Read about Challenge 1 {here}. And don’t worry, you’ve got the whole month. At the very least, set the intention, tell your friends and invite someone along to join in the fun- and you can challenge each other!


Repeat a look you’ve already worn. I dare you! 


Take a photo of it and post it.

The point of this challenge is to remind us that we already have plenty of stuff that we already really love! And probably loves you back- meaning, I’m sure it looks really great on you! 

You might also notice that ‘Hey! This is actually in style again! Who knew that oversized suit by Theory from 10 years ago is one of the hottest trends- yet again! 

What’s old is new again! 

Lesson learned: hold onto your old favorites because chances are good they’ll be back ‘on trend’ sooner than you know it.

So go on, and wear the things you love. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…. 

Conscious closet mantra: if you love it- transform and repeat, transform it and REPEAT!  


Photography by Carrilee Fox Photography Theory suit: Estate Sale

Belt: Goodwill

Cole Haan Shoes: Sola Lucy

Styling + Clothes: My own



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