Nothing New November Week 3 Challenge

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

When what you wear aligns with your values- your wardrobe is your superpower

Proud to champion last seasons fashions

Welcome to Week 3 of the Nothing New November Challenge! If you’ve been with us since Day 1- congratulations! You are setting an example and taking a stand for the environment by choosing sustainable fashion. Thank you!

If you are just joining us- welcome! The Nothing New November Challenge is meant to be a fun activity and (full disclosure) my strategy to get us all excited about using fashion for good and doing what’s best for the planet. Because, sadly, the rest of the industry really isn’t. All we have control of at this point in time is our own personal choices- which really is HUGE! We are so much more powerful than we think and have so much control just by choosing more carefully.

Especially as we move into the holiday season, where shopping and consuming seem to move to the realms of excess. We can choose different. I encourage you to exercise your right to choose better.

Buy less. Buy better. Buy with purpose.

Vote with your wallet. This is about using fashion for good... this is taking a stand for the environment by choosing fashion that slows down the cycle of excessive waste, pollution and the drain on our planet’s resources. 

“We need all people who care about climate change to understand that they’re part of the problem and the solution, just by wearing clothes.” Elizabeth Cline