NOTHING NEW NOVEMBER with Laura Madden featured on Goodwill AZ.

Join us for this year's Nothing New November Challenge + Photoshoot

I wear used clothes.

Last November I pledged to buy nothing new for the entire month in partnership with Goodwill (more here). This started as my own personal challenge to help me grow more conscious about how and where I was shopping; this ‘challenge’ grew into something bigger. People started catching on decided to give it a try too. Guess what? It is really cool to care about the impact your shopping is having on the world. Also, shopping secondhand is some of the best shopping you can do. (evidence shown here from our Nothing New November photoshoot)

I’m back again to do another Nothing New November Challenge with Goodwill. We kicked it off with a photoshoot featuring three looks exclusively from Goodwill, of course! Every item was sourced from the 16th Street and Indian School store in Phoenix, in all but a few hours of shopping. I stuck to styling some of the hottest trends for fall- red, monochrome, tweed, animal print, belted coats, and utilitarian to name a few. I think we nailed it! (Yes!?)

Head to the Goodwill AZ website to read the whole story and see all three of the featured looks I styled for our shoot!

What does the ‘Nothing New November Challenge’ entail?

  • If you choose to shop during the month of November, shop secondhand

  • This does not include gifts you purchase for other people unless you choose

  • You decide your comfort level, ie. socks, undergarments, hats may be best sourced brand new- up to you

  • Even if you follow this challenge 50%, you are still making a difference, having a positive impact on the environment, and conserving many resources that would otherwise be used up on the sourcing, production and shipping of brand new items.

You in!?