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Orange May Be The New Black, But Is Sustainable The New Sexy?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Recycled Plastic Bottle Swimwear Line Alyned Together.

Every purchase is a Vote for more of what we believe in

I’ve kept it no secret that I believe every purchase is a vote. Our shopping choices tell a story about who we are and what we value. Once I became aware of the ethical and environmental destruction mainstream fashion was having on the planet- I was changed forever. My shopping choices were changed forever.

Fact: wearing orange is an instant mood lifter.

As a fashion fiend, I felt so responsible for contributing to fashion’s dirty little secret. You see- my point here is that I LOVE fashion. I am a lifelong FASHION LOVER. The truth is- that will never change- ever. But the fashion I buy and wear can not come at the expense of people and the planet- ever.

The silver lining to this story is that I have become a sustainable fashion advocate and a true champion for conscious consumerism, and am doing whatever I can to help spread the word - mainly that there are plenty of ways to do fashion more sustainably right at our fingertips. You can and will have your fashion and eat it too! I promise.

There is secondhand fashion (the one I rely on mostly), local designers and production, and there are loads of purpose-driven brands that are doing fashion in a more sustainable manner. Meaning, there are brands that design and produce fashion in ways that take the health of people and the planet to heart.

A brand that I believe in is Alyned Together. I was first connected with AT through one of my modeling agencies RoleModels Management. I have proceeded to work with AT on numerous projects. I love them!! And I support the work they are doing to reduce plastic waste, raise awareness and clean up our planet.

The AT mission: This is a US-based female-run team that believes every body should look great and feel great in sustainable swimwear.
AT has designed the first ever size inclusive swimwear brand dedicated to using recycled materials and delivering body complementary styles.

  • Plastic bottles require up to 700 years to dissolve.90% of the cost of bottled water is the bottle itself.

  • 80% of plastic bottles never get recycled.

  • 38 million plastic bottles go to landfill each year in America alone.

  • 24,000,000 liters of oil is needed to produce these billions of plastic bottles.

  • The average American consumes 167 bottles of water per year.

  • Bottling water and shipping transport is the least energy efficient method of water supply in the history of mankind.

  • Bottled water is the second most popular beverage in the United States.

Please think twice about the impact on the environment before purchasing bottled water and any single-use plastic items. Use reusables and recycle the plastic that you do choose to purchase whenever possible please. 

AT utilizes discarded plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfill to create their recycled swimwear line. This is a really BIG DEAL! Please support the brands that are doing good and using fashion for good!

As consumers we have the power to change the world for the better by making more conscious fashion choices, and using fashion as a force for good to create a healthier happier planet. Consider choosing fashion sources that are part of the solution not the problem, such as recycled swimwear brand Alyned Together.

Don’t forget about the empowering impact of wearing color! Mixing in bright hues can work miracles for your mood! And guaranteed to bring a little sunshine to the darker, cooler days ahead.

Items shown are from the AT Retro Bali Collection:

  • Vanessa Cami Bikini Top

5 recycled plastic bottles were used to make this

  • Elsie Banded Bottom

4 recycled plastic bottles were used to this

You vote with your dollars. Make every purchase count!

We have a lot to be grateful for as fashion and earth-loving consumers, especially the power of choice. The power to choose what, from who, and from where we purchase our much-valued second skin. Please choose wisely. Take the time to think about what you are buying and why. And make the effort to look beneath the surface of the brands you are buying from.



Hair + Makeup: Tavit Brodeur-Kazanjian



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