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Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine feature

I am not gonna lie, it feels really good to start the new year with more press- and my first time featured in Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine too! Thank you to editor Lauren Tyda for the coverage in the current issue (DEC/ JAN 2024).

Writer Sara Crocker led a brilliant interview (see the online feature for the expanded version [HERE]) detailing my merging of style + sustainability and ‘blending of fashion, Art & eco consciousness. As a fashion industry veteran turned artist who recently renovated her home, Laura Madden is keenly aware of how art, couture and interior design coalesce. “I equate art to fashion because they are expressions of personal style.” Read the full feature via link in bio to my Press page or head to the Phoenix Home and Garden website, ‘arts + culture.’


As always, thank you for all the love and support, and for following my work. I hope you’ll explore a little more of my work [HERE] & if you know someone who would like my style, please share this with them. Cheers!




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