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Introducing my latest piece of ReFashioned Art titled Pretty In Pink- inspired by International Womens Day, Women’s History Month + the all pink brand Lite Pink 💓💓

A few things about Pretty In Pink
  • this piece of ReFashioned Art started with a canvas handed down by an artist friend (if you have artwork you no longer need/ want, I will come pick it up + repurpose it!)

  • I continue to fall in love with time-lapsing my art (see video above straight from my studio)

  • Although I don’t consider myself a ‘pink’ person, I should be- this color really makes me happy!

  • This piece was inspired by International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month + so many of the powerful, creative, + inspiring women in my life

My LOVE for repurposing continues to grow! This piece was essentially c/o Amazon. All materials used on this canvas are repurposed packing materials. Really I don’t throw out a thing!

Check out my timelapse video- the making of Pretty in Pink

One of the best things you can do for the planet is to reuse items that already exist- this reduces waste, conserves resources & prevents items from unnecessarily going into landfill... I could go on & on for days about this. It truly is my passion. I hope you will join me in doing the best you can in your own ways to take care of our planet ❤️ 🌏 ♻️

Do you you like my new style? It is modern, stylish, and more so sculptural than anything I've sold before. All items are one of a kind. Once they’re gone, they are gone. If interested in purchasing or seeing additional items in this series, please email me.

ReFashioned Art LIVE from Instagram


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