Join the Movement - Reimagine, Repurpose, Restyle.

I’ve kept it no secret that I believe secondhand shopping is the most sustainable shopping you can do. I sincerely hope that my secondhand shopping and reuse of items that would otherwise be discarded as trash will help to expand your consciousness to think beyond what we consider to be trash.

The amount of incredible clothing that I find that already exists makes me wonder if I can ever walk into a department store the same way again. It all just seems so generic. There is no sense of wonder or creativity. It’s almost like it’s all dead. It’s all done for you. What’s the fun in that?

I love the challenge of walking into a thrift store and having to put it all together myself. That’s style. That requires one to have true style. And creativity. And sass. And having an artistic eye. It’s making beauty + magic out of the mess. I like to be challenged creatively. I crave it. I was made to do that.

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