ReFashion Part 1

Re-cently downloaded. Rewriting our relationship to fashion.

I’ve been gingerly writing about the concept of fashion and consciousness these last few months, and you might be wondering what the heck does that mean? And what does it matter? Why should I care? Alas, after too long wrestling with it, back in January (why not start the year strong) I launched this website and blog, which I have aptly named the ReFashion Report | where fashion and consciousness collide.

I’m also ‘playing’ with the idea of launching an ebook, ReFashion | A Love Story. Rewriting our relationship to fashion. It’s all written, done and ready to go…just not sure how, where and in what context I want to birth it…stay tuned. It’s got to come out into the world eventually….

Where did this all even come from, I’ve wondered to myself… The truth is I’m not quite sure. It was kinda like a download, I guess some people would call it. It just popped into my head and it wouldn’t go away. At the moment I’m thanking my recent insomnia for the extra waking hours I put to damn good use.

The more long-winded and much more mysterious answer is that ReFashion is a word I wrote in a journal in August 2015, just about the time I had my sustainable fashion awakening. Fast forward to December 29th, 2018- up at 4am, sleep-deprived, and I write this same word ‘ReFashion’ in my journal.