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ReFashion Part 1

Re-cently downloaded. Rewriting our relationship to fashion.

I’ve been gingerly writing about the concept of fashion and consciousness these last few months, and you might be wondering what the heck does that mean? And what does it matter? Why should I care? Alas, after too long wrestling with it, back in January (why not start the year strong) I launched this website and blog, which I have aptly named the ReFashion Report | where fashion and consciousness collide.

I’m also ‘playing’ with the idea of launching an ebook, ReFashion | A Love Story. Rewriting our relationship to fashion. It’s all written, done and ready to go…just not sure how, where and in what context I want to birth it…stay tuned. It’s got to come out into the world eventually….

Where did this all even come from, I’ve wondered to myself… The truth is I’m not quite sure. It was kinda like a download, I guess some people would call it. It just popped into my head and it wouldn’t go away. At the moment I’m thanking my recent insomnia for the extra waking hours I put to damn good use.

The more long-winded and much more mysterious answer is that ReFashion is a word I wrote in a journal in August 2015, just about the time I had my sustainable fashion awakening. Fast forward to December 29th, 2018- up at 4am, sleep-deprived, and I write this same word ‘ReFashion’ in my journal.

Shortening an even longer story- a few hours later, attempting to purge my many years collection of journals- I opened to the one from August 2015. Aha. Coincidence? There is was again- I’d written that word ‘ReFashion’. For whatever reason, I’ve been writing like crazy since. As much as I resist seeing a purpose for my insomnia, it sure did kick my but in gear getting this website launched and downloading some long awaited ideas.

ReFashion- Rewriting our relationship to fashion. This is what I love about Fashion! It is always changing. And today, I choose to use my obsession with Fashion to do good! Let’s decode how fashion makes us feel, and how it affect us on a deeper level. We all have a relationship with fashion. We must! We all wear clothes every single day!

ReFashion is about rethinking how we buy clothes, how we use clothes, how we relate to clothes, how we dispose of our clothes. We can rewire and reevaluate how we value clothes, so we instinctively take better care of them, extend the lifecycle of them and are more careful with how and why we acquire them in the first place.

ReFashion is about my lifelong love story with fashion, and how I have rewritten the story of my own love affair with fashion. (more on this coming soon!!!) My personal understanding of ReFashion addresses three main concepts: how your fashion choices effect the outside world, how they affect you on the inside, and how they affect other people around you.

Stay tuned for ReFashion Part 2, where I’ll be sharing a bit more detail on each of the above concepts and how you can use them to elevate your life.

Bottom line 

What I want to convey through my blog is that we are all connected. We are one. Everything effects everything. Every choice and every purchase is a vote for more of what we want to see in the world.

When you feel good about yourself, wear items that you love and that make you feel good, you are more likely to intuitively make choices that more favorably impact everyone- other people and the planet. 

That is what I believe. That is what I most want to share. The more you feel good, the more good you will attract, and the better off the world will be. Wear what you love. Invest in items that you love and that you will wear for years to come.

Dress shown from Goodwill
Photography by Phyllis Lane
Hair + Makeup by Mary Reid
Assisted by Carilee Fox



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