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ReFashion Part 2

3 Ways to reimagine our relationship to fashion that matter for everyone.

Silk taffeta gown from Goodwill AZ

“To persuade someone to think differently,
the best way is to tell stories that reach the heart.”

Jane Goodall

ReFashion is about my personal journey of rewriting and rewiring my relationship to fashion. But also, how it applies to you, me- the planet essentially. This is a story of my own life experience, but I believe it applies to all of us because we are all fashion decision-makers, and therefor we all can be fashion change-makers. We all get up and wear clothes every single day.

And since we all live on planet Earth, I believe we all have a responsibility to take care of it. By sharing my life experience with fashion, I hope to empowerment you to make the best choices you can and to ultimately contribute to elevating the consciousness of the planet. We only have one. So, let’s do the best we can to take care of it.

The concept of ReFashion is my understanding of where and how fashion + consciousness collides; this concept addresses three main concepts: how your fashion choices effect the outside world, how they affect you on the inside, and how they affect other people around you.

I believe that addressing and owning these concepts for our own selves will deeply and positively affect the world. I hope you will agree.

1- The impact your shopping and fashion choices have on the environment. This is a big one and it is a major pain point for me personally. I am deeply burdened that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of the planet. It is difficult to wrap my head around the dichotomy that something that brings me so much beauty and joy can also bring so much destruction to the environment.

This is about spreading awareness and becoming conscious of how your choices- what you’re buying, from where, from whom, and how much- impact the environment. Also, how you choose to care for those items once they are yours impacts the planet as well. For instance:

1> shopping locally reduces energy costs and has a much lesser carbon footprint than purchasing items that have traveled long and far to get to you.

2> Choosing natural or sustainably manufactured fabrics over synthetics is healthier for the planet simply because they are not using the toxic chemicals and plastics that go into the making of fabrics such as polyester or nylon.

3> Eliminating excess washing and drying not only reduces energy costs, but it lessens the wear on our garments, therefor extending the lifecycle of said items.

2- The impact your fashion choices have on You- how it affects you on the inside, your self-image, and self-esteem. Our clothing choices can empower or disempower us. Gaining that self-awareness and being conscious of how we feel when wearing certain items can redefine our relationship to fashion and elevate our confidence significantly. Our clothing is a powerful tool we can and should employ to our advantage. What we choose to wear carries a vibration and I want to help you become aware of how that effects you so you can show up most fully in all areas of your life.

I have experienced a significant impact in my confidence and self-image from my clothing choices when I needed that bridge at certain times in my life. When you are having a difficult time in your life (or not), get dressed! And get dressed in your most favorite items and only the things that make you feel your best. What we choose to wear is functional, yes, but also emotional because it is a powerful form of self-expression, creativity- your art.

3- What we choose to wear has an effect on the people around us. Your appearance and clothing choices send a powerful message and what you wear speaks volumes about you before you’ve even said a word. Your image is essentially your storefront- a walking advertisement for who you are, what you value, and even how you feel about yourself. Whether you are a business owner, an employee of one other, or a stay at home mom, your image is an expression of who you are.

We live in a modern world; it is fast, visual and people form an opinion of you within seconds based entirely on how you look and the energy you give off. This is instinctual human nature and it is not going to change. The image we present to the World is a powerful tool that we can access for our benefit. Again this goes back to the power of our clothing choices, and gaining the awareness and consciousness of how it impacts others outside of us.

Bottom line 

What I want to convey through my blog is that we are all connected. We are one. Everything effects everything. Every choice and every purchase is a vote for more of what we want to see in the world.

When you feel good about yourself, wear items that you love and that make you feel good, you are more likely to automatically make choices that more favorably impact the entire planet. 

That is what I believe. That is what I most want to share. The more you feel good, the more good you will attract, and the better off the world will be. Wear what you love. Invest in items that you love and that you will wear for years to come.

Everyone wins.

Photography by Phyllis Lane

Hair + Makeup by Mary Reid

Assisted by Carilee Fox

Clothing provided by Goodwill AZ



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