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ReFashioned Art in Retail


This week was a turning point- one of many firsts for ReFashioned Art, such as LIVE artist collaborations, a mural wall, retail, and events.

Today I am grateful to be sharing my art in places even my imagination hadn’t dreamt of just yet... I can’t exactly say this has been a long time in the making since I haven’t been at it for all that long, but I have had the thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if ReFashioned Art had retail opportunities?’…

Today it does. Thank you to Eric & Garret, the guys behind Busted 2 Bangin & their brand new Home Design Store in Scottsdale. You can now shop their highly curated style in very well decorated curated space, all of which is 100% shopable.

A dozen pieces of original ReFashioned Art are available there for purchase. Not even one week open, and one of my pieces has already sold (Speed sounds, shown above).

If you can get to Scottsdale, you must go! Follow them on Instagram for updates and their design inspo as well.

Check out a LIVE sneak peak of my newest series ReFashion ReSculpt

More coming soon! Promise! Also, I am planning another LIVE Art Show soon.

Please message me HERE and let me know what you’d like to see most?

1- new work

2- old work

3- my process

4- open to your unique ideas


XO Laura



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