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ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Show 8/7/20 (XI)

Thank you for joining the ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Tour XI at my home! This week's art tour was a little different. ReFashioned Art turned 1! To celebrate I decided to have an Art Show, showing items for sale at an exclusive event price for the evening only. I’m also honoring the event pricing for anyone signed up to receive email updates [ACCESS HERE].

One year ago I made the decision to brand my art as ReFashioned Art, started the @ReFashionedArt Instagram, set up an Artlink profile and started offering my art for sale. Due to my love/hate relationship with online anything, it has taken me this whole time to get my art on this website.

I’m happy to share that my entire portfolio of work can now be found right HERE. I have a total of 160 items listed, a majority of them are still for sale. I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.

If you can’t catch us LIVE on Instagram @iamlauramadden, please check out my YouTube channel and my Instagram for the replays.

Lauv. The ReFashioned Art logo.

As promised, I showed up with cocktail in hand, wearing a cocktail dress- this week a Goodwill find accessorized with many collected, thrifted and vintage estate sale finds. The drink of choice was Moet!


Please click HERE if you are interested in purchasing any of the items shown. Again, I'm honoring the exclusive event sale pricing for anyone signed up to receive email updates [HERE].

Jagged II, 30” x 30”

Este, 12”x 12”

Lunar Rays I, 11” x 14”

Desi, 18.5” x 22.5”


What is ReFashioned Art?

I created this video for you to share a little more about the purpose of my work. All ReFashioned Art is upcycled, made with repurposed materials and all are originals.


Fashion + Art.

Stay tuned for the next Art Tour with ReFashioned Art! Next Friday I’ll be hosting another LIVE Happy Hour Art Show, 5pm PST. Stay tuned!

More Style. Less Waste.


Join me every week for my Instagram LIVE lineup:

ReFashionTALK LIVE. The Instagram LIVE Series. Monday + Friday 10am PST


If you like my style and you care about the planet I hope you will continue to follow my journey. Sign up for updates on my Fashion + Art work, and get access to exclusive pricing HERE.


ReFashioned Art. More Style. Less Waste. 



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