ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Show at Home 9/4/20 (XV)

Months ago, due to COVID  cancellations, I decided to do a Friday night LIVE happy hour art tour at home. It was the first Friday of the month, and what would’ve been the Artlink First Friday Art Tour in Phoenix- also canceled. So I decided to do my own ‘Art Tour at Home-’ quarantine-style, LIVE on Instagram!

I never thought LIVE videos would become such a large part of building my art brand, but I’m broadcasting LIVE art shows every week straight from my Instagrams. Each art show is essentially a flash sale featuring exclusive pricing offers on my artwork as I clear space to rebuild my art studio & rebuild my website (more on that coming soon- promise!) 

Since Friday May 1st, Fridays, 5pm PST, I do an Instagram LIVE happy hour art show at home- complete with cocktails, cocktail attire, and cameos from my rescue dogs on the @iamlauramadden Instagram. (Stay tuned for additional impromptu LIVE shows throughout the week!) 

I also do LIVE Art Shows every Monday + Friday, 10:30am PST, on the @ReFashionedArt Instagram (my art page) (promise I always come dressed for the show!)

Cocktails, Canvases + Cameos from my Rescue Dogs

As promised, I showed up with cocktail in hand, wearing a cocktail dress- this week a solid gold dress from My Sister’s Closet + shoes from Goodwill, accessorized with many collected, thrifted and vintage estate sale finds. The drink of choice was a tequila martini (not sure what that’s actually called??),