ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Show XXXIV 11/20/20

Welcome to the ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Show at home/ in the Studio! This is week 34 of this series filmed on the @iamlauramadden Instagram. Thank you for joining me! See you next week- same time, same place, different dress, new art: 5pm MST/ 4pm PST/ 7pm EST.

A huge part of my mission in pursuing my art professionally is to demonstrate the merging of sustainability and style, and of course for me- fashion has got to play a part in that. For my LIVE Art Shows I always dress the part- I do it my way, my style.

No matter how challenging getting on LIVE video may seem, dressing in something I love always gets me in the mindset that this is exciting, I get to do this- this is about contributing to something bigger than me.

This is about empowering others to create a stylish lifestyle for themselves and to work towards a cleaner planet. It helps me blow past any fears or doubts about how I will be perceived by others, how silly I might look, or stupid I might sound.

In the Studio...

Staying with my tradition of dressing for every happy hour LIVE art show I host, I dressed in cocktail attire with a cocktail in hand. In honor of my Nothing New November Challenge (happening now), I wore a 'new' dress from My Sister’s Closet + shoes from Goodwill (100% USED). The drink of choice was a Prairie Organic Gin martini, two fresh picked limons, heavy on the ice, in a chilled glass of course!

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