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ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Tour + Art Auction for Racial Equality 7/10/20 (V)

LIVE Fashion X Art Auction with Khamsone Design Studio to raise money for The Garment League

Thank you for joining the ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Tour X at my home! This week's art tour was extra special because I partnered with another Phoenix based designer Khamsone Design Studio for the third FASHION X ART AUCTION COLLAB. This week’s LIVE focused on the fashion and our purpose in doing this- to raise awareness and support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

If you can’t catch us LIVE on Instagram @iamlauramadden, please check out my YouTube channel and my Instagram for the replays.

This week 100% of the proceeds are going to Phoenix, AZ nonprofit The Garment League founded by stylist/ designer Tricee Thomas. The Garment League provides scholarships and support for fashion + art students. 

The auction closes this Monday, 7/13, 5pm PST. The current bid on this custom handmade dress is $150 (retails $575).  (If you’d like to place a bid, please DM bids to the designer on Instagram @Khamsonee)

As promised, I showed up with cocktail in hand, wearing a cocktail dress. This week I wore a custom garment by Khamsone, which is being auctioned off. The cocktail of the night was sparkling rosé (the designer’s favorite). This French country-inspired dress is the epitome of transformative fashion (and sustainable). Well made clothes feel really good! And there is nothing like the feel of a custom, made for you garment (like this one will be for you).

Details on this FASHION X ART auction:

•The dress is fully customizable to the buyer- longer, shorter, sleeves, straps, sizing, etc. & can be completed either in person or virtually.  

•The winner of this dress receives LIFETIME guarantee alterations & repairs on this dress.

•Made of 100% Cotton deadstock fabric, lined with 100% Cotton Muslin 

•Pockets included in every garment  

•Dress comes with a custom matching mask 😷

• Current bid $150 (retails $575). 

I hope you will join me in supporting this local, small business, as well as a local, black-owned nonprofit. Your support of black-owned businesses and organizations is another vital way to show your support for the black lives matter movement.

Ten pieces of ReFashioned Art are currently being auctioned off as well. I will match & donate 100% of the sale of each piece. Four have sold, with money donated to Black Girls Code, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Reform Alliance, and The Garment League.

I am using my art as a means to not only raise money for the movement but to raise greater awareness of the importance of racial equality and to bring people together the best I can. I will match and donate 100% of the sale of each piece, with proceeds going to a racial equality foundation or fund of the buyer's choice.

NAME YOUR PRICE. Please email if you are interested in purchasing:


Auction items:

  1. *SOLD* Sasha, 14.25” x 12.25” - donated to The Garment League

  2. Imani, acrylic on canvas, 11” x 14”

  3. Sia, acrylic on canvas, 12” x 12”

  4. Amica, acrylic on wood panel, 9.5” x 9.5”

  5. Believe in you, acrylic on wood panel, 10” x 10”

  6. Life out loud, mixed media on wood panel, 10" x 20"

  7. Santa Maria, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 24”

  8. *SOLD* Amari - donated to Black Girls Code

  9. *SOLD* Yellow Jacket smooch,  7” x 5” - donated to Black Girls Code

  10. 10.*SOLD* Smooch candy, 23” x 4”


Tonight I also showed four new pieces, two of which are shown here. (All of the ReFashioned Art portfolio will be available online soon!!)

Stay tuned for the next Art Tour with ReFashioned Art! In support of the black lives matter movement, I have another exciting Art X Fashion Collab planned. Stay tuned!!!

Don’t forget to join me every week for my Instagram LIVE lineup:

Monday + Friday 10am PST ReFashionTalk LIVE @iamlauramadden

Monday + Friday 11am PST Art Demo @ReFashionedArt

Friday 5pm PST Art Tour Happy Hour @iamlauramadden

If you like my style and you care about the planet I hope you will continue to follow my journey here. Enjoy!



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